E-Jamaat: Revolutionizing Event Planning

EJamaat is one of the many technological advances that have been put in place during the Sultanate of our Dai, Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. With the Dua Mubarak of Moula TUS and the guidance of Shehzada Huzefa BS Mohiyuddin and Shehzada Ammar BS Jamaluddin, EJamaat has become the main organizer of mumineen. The main reason EJamaat was created was to meet the various need of mumineen worldwide and help to bring them closer to Moula TUS.
After mumineen have completed their registration forms they are given an EJamaat card –which serves as a type of passport – and allows them access to all miqaats in Hazrate Imamiyah. Also, after registration they can log on and see announcements and tools which can help them with various things. EJamaat.com shows a mumin’s family tree and if all the members of the family have a valid Safai Chitti.

This aspect facilitates travel to Hazrate Imamiyah and other jamaats. Rasme Saifee and other organizations use EJamaat in order to register and organize mumineen in order to have a record of the number of people that participate in organizations. Every mumin’s personal hifz record is also on this website. As mumineen continue to hifz and achieve sanads (certifications), their page becomes updated. This part of the website encourages mumineen to hifz and attain the khushi of Moula TUS. Also, EJamaat.com displays every mumin’s personal miqaats history with Aqa Moula or with the Aamil Saheb of that mumin’s jamaat. EJamaat is the main registration system for every majlis with Aqa Moula. As the system has become increasingly advanced, the allocation of waaz passes has become much more organized than the past. On the EJamaat website there are multiple links to other Dawoodi Bohra related websites in order for mumineen to see the latest Akhbar of Huzurala and various audio tapes. Aside from registration and other Dawat related affairs, EJamaat.com also gives a link for donating blood and receiving blood from mumineen. Also there is a link for future entrepreneurs that can gain knowledge from crash courses and other classes which can help them move forward in their business endeavors.
EJamaat.org is another website that is accessible only to the Ummal of Jamiyats. This website shows has 43 critical columns of data that show statistics about an Aamil’s Jamaat. These columns include data about Qardan Hasana Inayat and the aamaal of mumineen in that jamaat. Through EJamaat, a Jamaats Aamil sends a reports including the following things:
• The number of mumineen that wear Topi and have a Daari and the number of muminaat that wear rida.
• How many mumineen have had the sharaf of Qadambosi
• The number of mumineen that have attended Ashara with Moula TUS or with the Aamil Saheb
• Various deen na amaal that mumineen perform (such s Roza, Namaaz, Tashib, Hifz, Sabaq)
• The Taalim qualifications of farzando
• Qardan Hasana Inayat
• The housing areas where mumineen live
All of this data is collected for the Aamil Saheb’s knowledge and is also sent to Badri Mahel. The main purpose is to see how upliftment can take place whether it be for deeni or duniya purposes. This data also assists Al Vazaratus Saifiyah with research into the Dawoodi Bohra community and demographics.
This advancing technology is constantly moving forward. New EJamaat cards are being made for every mumin worldwide. New pictures are being taken in order to have a more accurate identification of mumineen. New EJamaat scanners will be installed with every miqaats with Moula TUS which will facilitate and quicken the process of registration. The system of EJamaat has organized and helped thousands of mumineen and with the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS there will be more advances in order to contribute to the well-being of the Dawoodi Bohra community. May Allah TA grant our Aqa Moula TUS a long and healthy life till the day of Qayamat. Ameen!


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