Online Knowledge

One of Rasulallah SA’s Hadees Mubarak says that “Gaining knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim man and woman.” There are about 1million mumineen worldwide, in order to spread the knowledge of Dawat and keep our Fatemi culture a part of our everyday lives there are numerous websites that teach Lisaan ud Dawat and other crucial subjects that are accessible to the mumineen of all ages. A recent advancement is the teaching of proper recitation of the Quran. Aqa Maula TUS said “The Quran quenches the thirst of a scholar. It is the delight of learned men. It is a spring of knowledge and its ocean. It is a clear path for the virtuous.” Reciting the Quran properly is crucial, therefore Aqa Moula TUS has places a large emphasis on the tilawat and hifz of Quran.

Websites such as teach children and adults crucial information such as how to properly do wuzu and pray namaaz,, and all have an audio section which give mumineen a chance to listen and learn how to read various Madehs, Marasiyah’s, Nohas and Salaams. Along with these audio files, Sautuliman has released more than 30 CD’s which contain many audio files and can be listened to anywhere at anytime. has books directed towards children that teaches the importance of tasbih, namaaz and teaches good characteristics. For example, Tabassum bhen teaches children to always be happy.

Hifz ul Quran is one of the most important things a mumin can do in his/her lifetime. In order to facilitate the memorization, Shehzada Hussain BS Saifuddin has released his recordings of the entire Quran. Many CDs such as Durrus ul Quran have also been released which repeat ayats and help children and adults to memorize. Along with these CD’s khidmat guzars from Jamea tus Saifiyah started a system called Elearningquran. The khidmat guzars help mumineen all over the world recite the Quran properly and help them fix their mistakes and continue to hifz more.

These advancements in technology have and will continue to help mumineen worldwide gain the knowledge that will separate them from the rest of the world. Moulana Ali SA once said “Occupy yourself in the seeking of knowledge, without let, for only the knowledgeable are truly alive” Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhannuddin is awakening our spiritual self with the knowledge that has been passed down thousands of years. We are receiving this ne’mat because of Aqa Moula’s dua Mubarak and guidance. May Allah TA grant him a long and healthy life till the day of Qayamat. Ameen!


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