Websites: Enhancing Information Diffusion

Websites that Enhance Daily Life

About 20 years ago, the advent of the Internet spurred the diffusion of information to new heights. Today, the daily lives of Mumineen all over the world are enhanced by the information and ilm found on various websites. These websites were created for Mumineen, by Mumineen, with the raza and dua of Aqa Maula, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb TUS. They bring the noor and ilm of our beloved Dai within the fingertips of those hundreds of thousands around the world who do not have daily access to the center of Dawat. The Internet Age has brought pictures, events, Quran, and the words and wisdom of Aqa Maula to Mumineen everywhere. Many of these sites are written in both English and Lisan-ul-Dawat, in recognition of a need to spread knowledge to as many people as possible.

Below are spotlights on some websites commonly used and a list of others: is one of the oldest and most comprehensive of websites. You can find the latest news, or akhbar, on Huzurala TUS, Saadat Kiram, and of Mumineem all over the world. There are audio downloads, extensive akhbar archives, and thousands of pictures to view. Malumaat also allows Mumineen to be aware of others, as there is a jamaat directory and classifieds for all types of businesses. is a complementary site to Also great for news, it offers a feature photo for a glimpse of an event in the life of our beloved Aqa Maula, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. It also features a photo gallery, audio downloads of Quran, marisiyahs, madehs, a blog and much more.

Alvazaratus Saifiyah is the host of the iqtebasaat or excerpts and summaries of Aqa Maula’s waaz mubarak during Ashara Mubaraka. Each waaz mubarak has an audio and video clip, an excerpt in Lisan-ul-Dawat, and a reflections page written in English. It has a link that submits the Tabudaat Amal that Mumineen perform as a gift to Aqa Maula for his 100th Milad Mubarak. The site also archives the excerpts of waaz from previous years.

One of the best daily use websites, Aajnodin offers a variety of information. It gives users the upcoming miqaats, or events, for the month, the best times, or ghari, to perform certain actions, and gives you a daily amal to perform right on the front page. There are countless places for Mumineen to advertise and promote their businesses. You can find information of which tasbeeh can be done to promote longer lasting memory, to calm anger, and drive away fear, along with a tasbeeh according to the day of the week. Another great feature of the site is the Adad calculator, which will translate a word into its numerical equivalent.

A site depicting the life of Busaheba Amatullah Aai Saheba along with resources from the Burhani Women’s Association. This site hosts stories, recipes, handicrafts, riwayats, and words of wisdom amongst others interesting articles.

Misbah is a great resource for children and adults alike. Made in a newsletter format, Misbah contains an editorial, a focus article, words of wisdom, tales of Imams and Nabis, and a look into the Fatemi Library. There are quizzes to test your knowledge, word games, and a section specifically designed for children. Misbah is on its 49th issue, but many previous issues are available via the archives.

We cannot forget the contributions of our jamaat’s very own website, which gives the Mumineen of Miami updates on the events of their own jamaat, recipes, a calendar, and namaaz timings.

And these are just a few of the websites Mumineen can use as resources. Websites for books, clothes, CDs, all these exist to help spread Dawat and make ilm within the reach of our fingertips. It’s as simple as checking your email in the morning or your favorite news site or blog; all it takes is one click to reach the knowledge passed onto to us by our Dai. Aqa Maula represents the wisdom of the Fatemi Imam and the Internet’s khidmat in helping to spread that wisdom is immeasurable. May Allah TA grant our beloved Aqa Maula a long and prosperous life. AMEEN!

Other sites:

Tell us your thoughts. What do you like about these websites, which ones do you favor, and are there any we missed?


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