A Brief Introduction

In the last decade, we as Mumineen can appreciate the effort and dedication with which people have done khidmat of our beloved Aqa Maula (TUS.) But we cannot forget the khidmat and contribution that global communications performs for Maula (TUS). From teaching us how to recite the Quran to spreading the noor of Aqa Maula, from alerting us to important events to letting a Mumin on one side of the world communicate with another Mumin thousands of miles away, global communications has changed and encompassed the way that Mumineen strive to use these tools to further ilm. This site is dedicated to highlighting some of the ways that the phones, computers, televisions, applications, and most importantly the Internet have changed the way Mumineen interact with Dawat.


100th Milad Mubarak

Websites: Enhancing Information Diffusion

Websites that Enhance Daily Life

About 20 years ago, the advent of the Internet spurred the diffusion of information to new heights. Today, the daily lives of Mumineen all over the world are enhanced by the information and ilm found on various websites. These websites were created for Mumineen, by Mumineen, with the raza and dua of Aqa Maula, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb TUS. They bring the noor and ilm of our beloved Dai within the fingertips of those hundreds of thousands around the world who do not have daily access to the center of Dawat. The Internet Age has brought pictures, events, Quran, and the words and wisdom of Aqa Maula to Mumineen everywhere. Many of these sites are written in both English and Lisan-ul-Dawat, in recognition of a need to spread knowledge to as many people as possible.