Online Knowledge

One of Rasulallah SA’s Hadees Mubarak says that “Gaining knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim man and woman.” There are about 1million mumineen worldwide, in order to spread the knowledge of Dawat and keep our Fatemi culture a part of our everyday lives there are numerous websites that teach Lisaan ud Dawat and other crucial subjects that are accessible to the mumineen of all ages. A recent advancement is the teaching of proper recitation of the Quran. Aqa Maula TUS said “The Quran quenches the thirst of a scholar. It is the delight of learned men. It is a spring of knowledge and its ocean. It is a clear path for the virtuous.” Reciting the Quran properly is crucial, therefore Aqa Moula TUS has places a large emphasis on the tilawat and hifz of Quran. More


Video Technology: Bringing Us Closer Together

Possibly IT’s most important kidmat is bringing Mumineen closer to Aqa Maula (TUS).  In the last 10 years, our use of IT has advanced tremendously.  I remember when I was a child; we would occasionally be able to hear a tape recording of Aqa Maula na’s (TUS) kalimaat nooraniyah from the previous year. Today, not only can we hear Aqa Maula (TUS) noorani kalimaat at the exact time Aqa Maula is performing waaz but we are also granted the sharaf of deedar.

It may seem that since Mumineen can now get the sharaf of deedar without leaving their own cities that they do not have to physically attend any miqaats with Aqa Maula (TUS).  It is in fact the complete opposite. Waaz relays have only increased the desire in Mumineeen’s hearts to see Aqa Maula’s (TUS) noorani cherah and to hear Aqa Maula’s (TUS) noorani kaliamaat in person.  The sheer increase in the number of Mumineen attending Ashara Mubaraka attests that Aqa Maula (TUS) has used IT to bring us closer to him and to increase the walwalo of Mumineen all around the world.


E-Jamaat: Revolutionizing Event Planning

EJamaat is one of the many technological advances that have been put in place during the Sultanate of our Dai, Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. With the Dua Mubarak of Moula TUS and the guidance of Shehzada Huzefa BS Mohiyuddin and Shehzada Ammar BS Jamaluddin, EJamaat has become the main organizer of mumineen. The main reason EJamaat was created was to meet the various need of mumineen worldwide and help to bring them closer to Moula TUS.
After mumineen have completed their registration forms they are given an EJamaat card –which serves as a type of passport – and allows them access to all miqaats in Hazrate Imamiyah. Also, after registration they can log on and see announcements and tools which can help them with various things. shows a mumin’s family tree and if all the members of the family have a valid Safai Chitti.


Social Media, Apps, and Mumineen

Facebook and Twitter

The rise of social media such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the way humans process information. Now we have instantaneous access to small snippets of information which we can view through these social media sites.